Learning to Haight
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About the Author

Andrew Williams is an author and copywriter in New Haven, Connecticut. Inspired by the beats, Andrew strives to provide readers a sense of place in his fiction writing, using real-world locations to create setting, build tension, and develop character.

His novel Learning to Haight was launched at the Beat Museum in San Francisco, named a finalist for the 2012 Indie Reader Discovery Award in literary fiction, and featured by www.kerouac.com and Dante's Hot Tub on Radio Valencia.

A new member of the New Haven arts community, Andrew is a participant in the "Get to the Point" storytelling series at Cafe Nine and has given a reading at the Institute Library. He is currently documenting the relationship between geography and New Haven based literature through a grant from the Arts Council.

Discover his other works at Smashwords.com.  

Please visit the Learning to Haight Facebook page for extra content including a readers’ guide, links to songs, movies and other pop culture references in the book, and an interaction map of San Francisco through the eyes of Jack.



I want to thank so many people for making this book a reality. Mimi Albert and Stephen Simmons for taking a very raw manuscript and helping me craft the story. Andy Leaf, Matt Nelson, Jeanette Perez and Chuck Blazer for their reading of chapters in progress and for providing me their professional expertise.

My copywriting clients who subsidized my fiction writing by trusting me with their marketing and PR copy. Smashwords for giving me a forum to publish my treatise. My parents and brother for supporting me no matter what and showing me that I don’t have to settle.

Finally, I want to thank my wife Paige for putting up with me and my hair-brained schemes the past couple of years. I know your patience is not without limits and appreciate you always calling me out on my shit. This book is really for you.

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